Wednesday, 3 October 2012

JP: Technical Analysis - Something Good - Alt J, (2012)

Below is my technical analysis for the music video Something Good - Alt J, (2012).

After technically analysing the video Something Good, I can now see that the cutting rate of the music video is relatively fast with the majority of shots only being 2 or 3 seconds long. On occasions, there are various shots which feature a long duration (the longest shot being 19 seconds) and this varies the cutting rate and is synchronised with the song. For example when the song slows down, the cutting rate slows down and the shots become longer in duration, however during the chorus and faster bits of the song, the cutting rate quickens.

Various visual techniques are used throughout the music video such as the rule of thirds. In several of the shots however, the rule of thirds is broken with the matador centrally framed in the shot. This breaks stereotypical conventions and makes the overall video stand out from others that are being released. This is key in order for the video to promote the record and in turn sell with the target audience.

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