Thursday, 18 October 2012

Group: Audience Feedback

We held a focus group at one of our youth groups in order to get some initial ideas from our target audience when listening to the track. In this focus group we got our audience to have a look at the questions before listening to the track we have chosen. They then answered the questions on the sheet and gave some general spoken feedback at the end of the session.
The first question was: Does this track convey any type of story line/narrative in your view?
The majority of the people that answered felt that there should be some sort of story line regarding flames. This could be in the form of a relationship or a physical fire. A common answer involved teenagers having fun around a fire. This was relatively positive as it conforms to our original ideas
The second was: How important is it to show the band performing in this track?
Some of the answers given explained that a band performing was quite useful if it’s a popular song, however some said it could be quite boring as the lyrics are quite repetitive. One answer expressed the fact that there would be little to no relation between the band performing and the title 'Up in Flames'.
The third was: What kind of props and costume design would you expect to see in a video for this track?
There was a very concentrated response on this question to normal casual clothes, however one or two expressed the fact that they would not like to see any large branding or symbols on the items-leaving them blank and plain. There was a common interest in darker clothes as well. In terms of props, one or two said fire whilst individuals recommended glow sticks, flares and sparklers.
The fourth question we asked them was: What location ideas come to mind when listening to the track? (Fields, urban areas, rural areas…)
The answers for this question were primarily all based upon a rural areas with fields or deserted buildings/barns/warehouses, whilst one or two noted ideas such as a deserted park, a garden, interior of a house and a couple suggested urban areas or London at night.
The last question was: What kind of emotional mood do you feel the track portrays?
There was a mixture of responses with this question although a majority concluded that the track portrayed an angry feeling and mood despite the calm, relaxed acoustic sound. Some of the answers involved people seeing a happier side where children could be enjoying themselves in slow motion where another response showed the same feel but with destruction and people smashing objects for enjoyment.
In conclusion, the audience questionnaire worked very well as it gave us some additional ideas that could be incorporated into our final video such as sparklers in slow motion and the destruction for enjoyment. A large proportion of our initial ideas were backed up by people’s thoughts and generally through props, costume, location, mood and narrative, our ideas were similar to our target audience’s initial ideas.

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  1. Relevant questions and good recording of responses however this needs reformatting. First of all, you only need to highlight the use of media terms. Secondly audience research needs to be set out scientifically, ie Methodology, results, evaluation. Title needs to be more specific too.