Tuesday, 16 October 2012

HCT: Advertisement Analysis

I have chosen to analyse the advertisement for the Album 'Mylo Xyloto'. This is because firstly the song we have chosen is from this album and it is also their most recent.

By glancing at the advertisement of this album it is clear through certain codes and conventions the genre of the band. The advertisement as a whole is relatively unconventional in that it does not show any band members or large attractive images of the iconic aspect of the artist. however it does show a different spin on this with a more arty feel. The use of an image made form spray paints and paint is attractive and works just as well. If anything this method increases the bands meta narrative through the use of art. This picture is used throughout the construction of this album with it being central to their tour and theme. It not only acts as a marketing tool of interest but also a snapshot of the upcoming albums main genre. The colours and vibrant feel given is both mature and lively creating the perfect backdrop for so many of the songs and cold plays main genre titles of alternative pop and fast paces electric music.
Through the use of iconography and signs, we can use the advertisement to analyse how cold play have constructed a way of increasing their meta narrative. They have included small clues in the form of symbols in the background that relate to specific song titles in the album. Specifically an example would be the butterfly in the top right corner-relating to the song 'paradise'.

Visual techniques  and media language such as breaking the rule of thirds by centring the text reaches out to the audience by seeming unnatural however it is brought back to normal viewing cleverly through the breaking up of the words 'Mylo Xyloto' as they are paragraphed to align in the centre. The visual colour is effective as it pops out and grasps the audience due to the crafty construction of bright colours splatted across the page relating to the faster more vibrant songs on the album whilst the flat background and curvy text could be seen as relating to the slower, calmer song. This may be worth noting when looking at texts for our video . The effect is visually stunning and works as an art form as well as a marketing tool.

There are a few linguistic devices used in this advertisement. Firstly there is very little text. Only a large title covers the centre reading 'myloxyloto' whilst the bands name and date of release are shown. The only other strap line is an advertisement based offer regarding pre-ordering. This simplistic approach avoids from clouding the main essence of the album and only gives the minimum essential information. The offer is a useful device as it works towards giving the audience reason to pre-order the album.


  1. Some good comments and analysis. This needs editing and reformatting as you have been told to do. I think that you could improve on some of your comments if your separate points were organised into bullet points. This is currently L3 analysis.

  2. Henry, I really like this advert for Mylo Xyloto! It just suits and compliments their album artwork that I analysed in detail extremely well. The colours, tones, images, symbolism and text - everything is similar! Great

  3. Henry, how are you/we thinking of incorporating this design or feel or mood or colour into our advertisement?