Thursday, 11 October 2012

JP: Costume, Props, Lighting & Location Ideas

For the boy...
- Dark clothes
- Slightly old/worn
- Shades of grey and navy
- Dirty, messy face and hair
- Small drawn on symbols like tattoos under his eyes in black
For the children behind...
- Brighter, colourful clothes
- Newer, more stylish items
- Well-groomed, clean face and hair
- Bright wellies and coats/macintoshes

- Football
- Tennis ball
- Fire
- Toys (wooden train, old chess pieces, small dolls without heads)

- Railways (such as one that we filmed in our Brighton footage)
- Desolate houses
- Old, disused barns and warehouses
- A small, cramped house
- An empty park with a swing swinging with nobody on it

- Strong, front-on artificial lighting, but making it look natural
- Little/no back lighting to avoid highlights
- Soft overall lighting to make the video seem naturalistic and avoid an artificial aesthetic
- No spotlights
- Overall desaturation of colours to give the video a realistic, dull cinematic feel

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  1. Some interesting ideas please post a few images to illustrate your plans