Thursday, 11 October 2012

JP: Concept Development

Today we had a meeting to develop our concept after reading the reflection on our blog from our teacher. The reflection said we hadn't created blog posts to illustrate our blog development, and therefore Henry and I discussed how we could break up the shot that tracks back gradually from the young boy.

Our ideas...
- 30 seconds of visual before the music begins
- This will show our artistic flair and skill and create a more complex video
- The footage will include establishing shots and tracking shots of locations
- We will intercut these establishing shots with footage of the young boy arguing with his parents and being shouted at and punished by his parents
- This footage before the music kicks in will show character exposition and give the young boy prevalence so that the audience are positioned with him and feel sympathy
- It will show the gradual downfall of his parents' lives and how the boy slowly felt outcast from society
- When the music begins, we will intercut the single track back of the boy with B-roll footage of destruction and toys or objects being set on fire in slow motion
- The devil side of the boy will be shown through sped up shaking of the head which may look like he is having a sort of fit
- This will be intercut between the tracking shots of the boy in the urban location

1 comment:

  1. You are moving forward in terms of adding content so well done. How long is your track with the added 30 secs at the beginning? Will you have enough footage for the actual track? Obviously a careful risk assessment before any burning of teddies. Did we talk about 'we need to talk about kevin'. This would be a useful film in which to do some research for mise en scene, it has a similar bleak feel to your ideas.