Thursday, 11 October 2012

Group: Location Reccie - Drama Studio and Brighton

Drama Studio
We used the drama studio in one of our lessons as there was a green screen set up available. We filmed Joe lip syncing to the song whislt steadily tracking backwards. We sped up the song to 200% using Audacity so that when slowed down he would be in slow motion. We then went and edited the footage together deleting the flat green background from around Joe and replacing with an urban setting.
This was a positive shoot as it allowed us to gain an idea of what needs to be altered when when we film for real.
Some problems that we encountered included a perspective difference between the background that was static and Joe who was slowly moving backward due to the track we did. This meant that we needed to scale the background out slowly in time with the track of Joe to create a seemless visual. Overall the effect worked well however when filming on the day it will be hard to organise timings and speed of tracks when taking into account slow motion aspects of induvidual shots.

The Brighton trip gave us a great opportunity to carry out a location reccie as well as giving us a chance to test some camera techniques and visual ideas we have been thinking about. We can turn them into practical video and see wheather they work well. The saturated feel we gave had a very nice impression and a dull atmosphere that we are going to be aiming for. We carried out several landscape ES (establishing shots) - ideal for the 30 seconds of visual before the main audio track begins. These worked well in time-lapse or slow motion and we may use some of them for out actual video.


  1. Good comments, please can you post a clip or some evidence of your reccie in the drama studio.

  2. We do not have the footage at home so will have to do this on Monday although all is edited and exported, ready for uploading.