Monday, 15 October 2012

Group: Concept Development

Today we had a group concept development meeting at the begining of the lesson. We talked about the progress we have made so far along with the skills we will need when in the production process of our coursework.

During the planning process we have progressed our concept in many different ways, including:
- The idea of creating 30 seconds of visual before the music starts to establish the scene and expose the character
- This will compose of establishing shots such as a railway, the boy's home, landscapes and other urban areas
- At the end of the 30 seconds we will create a fast-paced montage edit with a CU of the boy's eyes in front of different locations
- We will need to use the green screen for this and then we can overlay the locations much more easily with the boy staying centrally framed
- This is a skill that we have already rehearsed and practiced in the Drama Studio
- To be conventional and reinforce the band's meta-narrative, just before the music begins, we will use similar text and graphics to display the band's name (Coldplay) that is already being used in their current music videos
- However, to make our video creative, authentic and original, we will create our own text to display the name of the song (Up in Flames)
- Aside from the text, we will take inspiration from the music video for Love and Oxygen, and overlay heavily colour-corrected footage inside various different shapes
- These shapes will be the symbols that Coldplay have created for the album Mylo Xyloto such as the flames, teardrop and possibly the butterfly
- For the main section of the video, rather than shooting the boy in front of green screen and then overlaying the footage of children playing in the background, we have chosen to shoot both clips at once
- This means we cannot differentiate time remapping in Premiere (the boy in slow motion and children in real time), so we have decided to shoot all footage in slow motion at half speed

Our targets:
- Find an actor to play the part of the boy
- Find extras to play the parts of the children playing in the background
- Start to experiment with overlaying different footage in unique shapes


  1. Some good comments, please make sure that by the pitch you have some very firm ideas of what you are actually going to fill the three minutes with. Storyboarding or a shot list should consider shots and mes

  2. We have story boarded six key frames which are now up on the blog. The explanation of these key frames is provided next to each drawn still in the box. We included these in our pitch in order to give a clear, firm idea of what the three minutes will be filled with.