Thursday, 11 October 2012

Group: Brighton Footage & Location Reccie

Above is our footage for our Brighton location reccie.

We travelled to Brighton in order to take various footage alongside completing a location reccie. We spent the majority of our time filming around and on the pier, with shots featuring the ferris wheel and the buildings on the pier.

We practiced taking ES (establishing shots) such as the time lapse of the ferris wheel at the start of the video and also completed CU (close ups) of the seagulls in Brighton. We experimented with the tempo of different shots for example using time lapse techniques, and used various equipment such as the track and dolly to achieve shots with some subtle movement in, whether it be tracking a character or adding movement to timelapses.

We encountered various obstacles and problems throughout our reccie. These included:
- Weather problems (heavy rainfall), and we had to therefore protect the equipment
- In post-production we found it difficult to colour correct the footage due to the drastic changes in weather and lighting when shooting on the day
- The memory on the SD card ran out halfway through the day, however we managed to overcome this by carrying a second SD card with us

By completing this location reccie we can then apply the problems on the day in Brighton to our shoots for our final music video.

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  1. Well done, you two, some great filming and the soundtrack fits really well.