Friday, 19 October 2012

JP: Concept Development

To develop the ideas of the 30 seconds of visual before the music begins, I have found a video which has inspired the concept and techniques we will use for the visual.

'Ships in the Night' is a music video that takes a similar approach to 'Move' - a video Henry is commenting individually on.

The main feature/technique used in 'Ships in the Night' that we want to adopt for part of the pre-music visual is the technique of changing location seemlessly. In this video, the subject (the lead singer) doesn't seem to change place at all while the background changes to completely different locations all around the world.
Obviously we could not shoot as many locations as in this video from across the world, however it is an idea we will consider using for when there is the CU on the boys eyes and the background changes with a fast cutting rate (as seen in this video too).

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