Thursday, 11 October 2012

Group: Location Reccie

In order to assess the practicality of locations in terms of camera, risk assessment and other difficulties, we need to carry out location reccies wherever we are thinking of filming.

We carried out a reccie in Pembury Orchards around some disused warehouses and barns to assess where we could place the camera, dolly and track for filming. We looked around the surrounding area and fields to see if it was dangerous or to view any potential hazards.

- Roads nearby (road safety)
- Dangerous and sharp objects in the area
- Old scraps of metal and corregated iron lying around

Despite these risks we believe that this is a suitable location to film in because it is aesthetically correct for our concept and it is an old, empty, desolate urban area.

Below are some photos that show the suitability of the location.


  1. This looks great boys, please ensure that you are not trespassing. How are you going to use this location?

  2. Hi Miss! Thank you. We will ensure that we aren't trespassing before we film. We are going to use this location as the main set for the music video due to it's urban look and feel.