Monday, 24 September 2012

Group: Mood Board Mini Pitch Feedback

After we delivered our mini pitch to our class and media studies teacher, we received feedback on our mood board, ideas and concept.

- Design of the pitch
- Interesting visual ideas
- Excellent use of media technology (such as the green screen and various effects)

- Not enough concept, it may get quite tedious having one shot
- It could be incredibly difficult/complicated to do, especially in reverse and with the green screen
- It could look really basic if we don't come up with a 'twist'

- Splitting up the one single shot with B-roll footage of the destruction of objects and toys
- Not have the footage of the child in reverse as it's too complex
- Instead, have the people playing in the background in reverse
- Have some kind of interesting 'twist' at the end involving the child, fire and toys

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