Sunday, 16 September 2012

Group: Chosen Song: Up In Flames - Coldplay

Our Chosen song it 'Up In Flames' by Coldplay. The song is off the album 'Mylo Xyloto' and is 3:14 long.
We chose this song firstly because it is a style of music that we both enjoy and would love working with. When listening to it we both have the same visual image present itself making it a perfect choice. The slow pace of the song means the visuals could be almost anything, from fast paced to create an intriguing contrast or a slow paced cutting rate to reinforce the music. Out of all the songs we have looked at. This lends itself to be the most obvious and interesting choice.
The lyrics are as follows:So it's overThis time I know it's goneSalt watertasted it too longI only know I'm wrongnow I know it's goneUp in flamesUp in flamesUp in flamesWe have slowly gone.So it's overthis time you're flying onthis time i know no songcan stop its slowly burncan stop its slowly goneUp in flamesUp in flamesUp in flamesWe have slowly goneUp in flamesUp in flamesUp in flamesWe have slowly goneWe have slowly goneCan we pour some water on?

Our idea:Characters include a young boy who is almost possessed, being presented as an outcast child who has been rejected from society. There will also be around 3-4 other children who are seen to be normal and enjoying themselves playing games.The ideas is to ceate a large contrast between the children in normal society and the boy who is central to the video. This will be done through varied speed in which the boy acts compared to the children, as well as camera focus and prevalence and visual emotion.Technical information:We are planning to use a  very thin aspect ratio to create a very concentrated visual image.There will be one or very few cuts throughout the entire video to create realism as well as creating a link between the visuals and the slow pace of the music.The young boy will be the centre of the video with him being sat down in front of a fire throughout. There will be the children playing behind him however they will be in real time compared to the boy who is half speed as this means more effects can be applied to them such as layering the repeat video over the top to create a shadowing effect. This would be done with the use of a green screen and filming each segment separately. The video is going to be entirely reversed, meaning the boy will have to learn the lyrics backwards as well as twice the speed due to the filming of him at half speed.There will be emotional colouring with almost all the colour drained from the video.The main focus of the camera work includes a slow track back starting from the child's eyes. Rough thoughts are that certain symbols that are presented with the Mylo Xyloto album could be tattooed around his eyes, portraying Coldplay's meta-narrative.As the camera tracks backwards the child begins to lip sync the words and the fire which originally distorted the video because of hot air appears in shot.

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