Sunday, 16 September 2012

HCT: Song Choices & Synaesthesia

Londons Burning - The Temper Trap - Infectious
This track gives a very realistic gritty feels. The visuals I imagine would present riot archive footage. The main characters would be a younger generation of anti-socials. There would be many shots of Londons iconic landmarks with a very fast paced cutting rate, montage edits rather than a slow feel compared to a performance/ narrative based video.

Up In Flames - Coldplay - Mylo Xyloto

This song is very slow paced and calm. This is perfect as it can work well with a fast paced video creating contrast or with a slow cutting rate to create a link between music and visuals.
-Location would be an open water way, This would be dirty and barren.
-Characters include a young boy almost possessed sitting by himself whilst other children play football laughing and having fun.
-There would be a fire in front of the boy however the video is very saturated with the contrast altered to create a greater difference between shadows.The boy would be presented as a social outcast, the other children behind are to contrast his dull attitude mimicking the lyrics as his life has gone 'up in flames'

U Boat - Kasabian - Kasabian

Visuals ideas for this include a dreamy young individual who is homeless. It is a rainy cold day and he is wondering around suburban locations. He occasionally lip syncs and there is a slow cutting rate. There would be many artistic creative shots and a shallow depth of field to show gritty realism and bokeh.


  1. I like all these tracks. However Up In Flames is unique and very in depth in terms of the meaning of the lyrics... Really good