Friday, 30 November 2012

JP: Editing Updates

Below are several printscreens illustrating how we have progressed during post-production.

This screenshot shows how I used the motion tool on Adobe Premiere Elements 9 to align our clip and size it correctly in order for there to be a seemless change for our ending.

I cut the same clip up into 3 sections and used the time stretch tool to speed all 3 up at varying speeds and overlayed them on top of each other using different tracks and altering the opacity tool. I then used the fast blur tool to slighly blur the clips to give the effect that the boy was posessed or devil-like.

Below is a screenshot showing our timeline so far and how we have begun to overlay clips using fading transitions and altering the opacity.

I used the motion tool on this clip to stabilise it and frame it better and track the boy skipping.


I have began to use the RGB colour correction and the HLS tool to desaturate the clip to make it more cinematic.

Simliarly I used the HLS tool on the footage of the flames to slightly desaturate them again giving a more cinematic, professional feel and tone.

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