Monday, 19 November 2012

Group: Editing development

Today we have put the long 'meat' shot into our timeline. This is of our actor - Seth - lip syncing the lyrics whilst the other children play in the background. We downloaded the song 'Up In Flames' and slowed down the video by 50% before syncronising the two. The print screen below shows what we have so far. An issue that we have come across is that in the main video we are using, Seth is late on lip syncing the first line of the song. We are trying to find alternative clips of him getting this section correct as we took several takes on set. This is proving to be very hard and might be a big issue.

UPDATE: We have overcome this solution using a fade in from black transition.


  1. a possible solution is to change the opacity or fade in from black to avoid the start of the lip syncing. I will try this out to see how it looks.

  2. The fade in from black now looks great and hides the error. Another problem we have overcome!